Welcome to SFHP

Thanks for stopping by our site to find out more about us. The instructors and staff of the OSU Sport, Fitness, and Health Program are here to make sure your experience as an OSU student is healthy and enjoyable. To do that, we offer 140 different courses – FOR CREDIT – in sport skills, fitness activities, and health & wellness topics.

We are proud to say that our goal to help students develop healthy habits for a lifetime dovetails well with the University’s Discovery Themes of health and wellness. When you take SFHP classes, you get some great benefits:

  • Physical movement in activities classes
  • Useful knowledge in health/wellness lecture classes
  • New friends and social opportunities
  • Academic credit!

SFHP classes will help round out your college experience with a focus on physical activity and a healthy lifestyle that you can rely on for the rest of your life. We take your health and wellness seriously and strive to ensure that our classes are taught by topnotch instructors who are experts in their fields. Classes are held in state-of-the-art facilities with well-kept equipment and gear. We offer both activity-based and lecture-format classes (including some online), and for the more adventurous students, the Outdoor Pursuits classes are a great opportunity for new experiences.

So take a look around our site. It’s our pleasure to invite you to sign up for at least one if not several of our courses during your OSU career. There’s something for everyone!

Courses & Policies

The Sport Fitness and Health Program (SFHP) serves more than 8,000 students per year, and has over 60 courses to get you moving. Find out about the SFHP, classes, scheduling, and all that the program has to offer!


Sport Fitness and Health Program (SFHP) courses are taught by faculty, community professionals, Master’s and Doctoral students who come from diverse national and international backgrounds, even including former educational professionals and elite athletes! Get instructor specialties, profiles, and contact information here!


The mission of the Sport Fitness and Health Program (SFHP) is to enhance the health and quality of life of OSU students through the promotion of an active lifestyle. Find out all about the program here.